Hi there

We are glad you are here. We are Annika and Manuel, ourselves happily married since 2014 and proud parents of our son, Mateo, and our daughter, Luna. We love to meet new people through our work and to accompany them on one of their most exciting days in life.

I am Manuel ...

a thoroughbred dad, photographer and product designer. I have been working for a long time in various international agencies designing and staging various products (mobile phones, skis, shoes and much more). As a creative mind I am always open for new things and of course interested in everything that can be designed in any way.

Photography in particular has inspired me since my young teenage days. I'm fascinated by the fact that a good photo can bring a smile to the face of almost any person. And what is better than being able to give someone else obvious happiness? This fascination has not lost any of its power for me to this day and continues to drive me in my passion for photography.


Weddings are great because you only deal with happy people on this day.


... and I am Annika

Selbst bin ich gelernte Floristin und Produktdesignerin, bei dessen Studium Manuel und ich uns auch kennen und lieben gelernt haben. Ich unterstütze Manuel bei ausgewählten Hochzeiten zusätzlich mit der Kamera. Neben der Fotografie und unserer kleinen Familie liebe ich alles, was mit Einrichtung, Dekoration und gutem Essen zu tun hat. Ich erfreue mich oft an kleinen liebevollen Details, die leicht unbeachtet bleiben. Daneben illustriere ich gerne und gestalte ab und an eigene, liebevolle Grafiken und Printprodukte.