Current Corona rules for weddings in Munich and Bavaria

Which Corona rules currently apply to weddings in Bavaria?

Diese und ähnliche Fragen stellen sich gerade viele Hochzeitspaare, deren Hochzeit nun in absehbarer Zeit anstehen. Nachdem die letzten Wochen und Monate aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie für viele Hochzeitspaare bereits ein bitterer Alptraum war, sind viele Hochzeitspaare, deren Hochzeiten anstehen, verunsichert, was aktuell erlaubt und machbar ist.

As Wedding Photographer Munich I try to keep you up to date about the current developments and the state of affairs in Bavaria regarding Corona, which are especially relevant for the organization of weddings. So please feel free to come back here again stay up to date about any new developments. Share this page with friends for whom the following information would be relevant.

Due to the current lockdown regulations, NO weddings can be held!

Depending on the registry office, only civil weddings might currently be possible. And if yes, then only alone with the couple under the usual hygiene measures.

The paragraphs further below are currently NOT applicable!

However, these rules could come into force again as soon as the overall situation eases and celebrations become possible again under restrictions. The probability is high that we will then see similar rules again, as we had them in part in 2020. For this reason we leave them listed here for your reference.

How many wedding guests are allowed in Bavaria despite Corona?

Currently are allowed:

  • 100 guests inside
  • 200 guests outside

Wichtig an dieser Stelle: Betreuendes Personal wird hier nicht mit eingerechnet, was für euch von Vorteil ist!
Beachtet auch, dass überdachte Aufbauten, wie z.B. Zelte oder Pavillons nicht per se als Außenbereich zählen! (Es sei denn, es ist für eine gute Belüftung gesorgt, was dann aber im Detail noch abzustimmen ist).

Do wedding guests have to wear mouth and nose protection at the wedding?

Good news, there is no need to wear mouth and nose protection at this time for guests when they are within the closed society. This means that an appropriate mouth and nose protector must of course be worn as soon as the guest leaves the closed party, e.g. when going to the toilet!

Wedding dance without mouth-and-nose protection

But this also means that even (as long as you are in the private and not public environment of the wedding guests) you can dance and party without mouth and nose protection!

Is an own hygiene concept necessary for the wedding?

If you organize your wedding yourself, e.g. not in a restaurant, you have to work out a corresponding concept during the corona pandemic. A helpful checklist for the preparation of such a protection and hygiene concept for events (yes, this includes your wedding) according to § 5 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the 6th BayIfSMV can be found under the following here.

What are the minimum distance rules for wedding guests?

Similar to the rules for mouth-and-nose protection, there is no longer a minimum distance of 1.5 meters for guests within the closed society, e.g. when eating or even dancing!

The rules on the minimum distance for live music are different

Here, a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the musicians to the wedding guests still applies. With singers or with brass band music even at least 2 meters or better still considerably more.

Limited number of musicians

In the case of live music, it should also be noted that currently only the presence of a maximum of ten musicians is permitted. In addition, the correspondingly applicable hygiene regulations for cultural events and rehearsals must of course be observed by the musicians.

Further information on the current Corona rules

Of course, you can always find them directly at the Bavarian State Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Energy. Here is also the link to the current information sheet (please note that during the last check, this was not yet updated to the latest version!)

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