Intimate wedding for two - Why getting married for two is so hot right now

Getting married alone as a couple has many advantages. It is often advisable to keep your plans to yourself. Often it makes sense to tell friends and family about the wedding only after it happened. This way, you can organize the wedding as you wish, secretly and without any pressure from third parties. This will save you a lot of unnecessary discussions. So, tell as few people as possible, or even no one, so that the wedding for two will be exactly as you imagined. In addition, you avoid negative feelings with people who might feel excluded by your decision. So that no one has to feel this way, you can of course celebrate with the others after the wedding.

At this point a tip from a wedding photographer: Even if you are planning your intimate wedding just for the two of you, you should not forget to have a professional photographer at your side for the most important moments. This way you will have pictures that you can still share with your relatives and friends afterwards. An intimate wedding is important for you, but it is equally important for your loved ones to at least be able to see some memories in form of photos afterwards.


Why do many couples want a wedding for two?

The intimate wedding for two ensures that you can marry completely relaxed. You two are the main people, the focus is on you. Marrying alone as couple - that's what more and more couples want and there are many reasons for it. One reason for a intimate wedding is that many bridal couples shy away from the big celebration and they dread the many preparations that would be necessary for it. Other reasons are probably also difficult circumstances in the family. In this way, you also save yourselves disputes and avoid the danger of compromising after all.

Maybe you just don't want to spend so much money, so getting married just as couple is a good option for you. Money saved this way can then be better spent on your honeymoon. But often it is also the case that the intimate wedding takes place quite spontaneously. Of course, another reason nowadays can also be the Corona pandemic, which makes it necessary to limit contacts to a minimum.


Registry office for two - where will the wedding take place?

What places are suitable for your intimate wedding? Have you already thought about it? There are various locations that are well suited for this. You can get married in your place of residence, but you can also plan your intimate wedding elsewhere in Germany. At a place that is particularly popular for weddings. It is also possible to get married in a beautiful vacation spot far, far away.

How would it be, for example, with a wood wedding? Or at an exclusive retreat at one of the many beautiful Bavarian lakes or far away in the Caribbean.

If you like it more individual, you can get married at a specific place that has a special meaning for you as a couple. Of course, you can also get married in a city that you have never seen before and that you can then explore together. How about Paris or Barcelona?

Of course, there are also more unconventional possibilities for your intimate wedding for two. Why not get married under water? Maybe even bungee jumping or on top of a mountain. However, both bride and groom should agree to this, because only in this way will your wedding be an unforgettably beautiful day.

If you do not want to travel far to get married, the wedding is of course also possible in Germany. There are many locations that specialize in weddings and have suitable arrangements on offer that cannot be surpassed in terms of romance. Look around in this regard, for example, at well-known hotels. Should you wish to marry in your hometown in the old tradition, this can also become the most beautiful day in your life if you plan something special together afterwards to celebrate the wedding properly.

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