Wood wedding - Getting married in the forest

Getting married in nature is becoming more and more the focus of bridal couples in recent years. Celebrate your wedding in the woods under the open sky and experience unforgettable moments. That's what many couples want for an intimate wedding. When getting married in the forest you do not have to compromise and everything will be just as festive as the wedding in a ballroom.


The right location for a forest wedding

The right location plays an important role for the wedding ceremony in the forest. The clearing in the forest is therefore chosen by more and more couples as the perfect place for the YES word. Surrounded by tall trees, which gently throw the light on the forest floor and make the place a feel-good place in an idyllic atmosphere. If you like it, you can also round everything off with appropriate music.


What do I need for a wood wedding?

It's best to let nature inspire you. A wedding in autumn with warm gold and red tones stands for the bride and groom's closeness to nature. Perhaps you can find suitable trees that can be used for seating or as a wedding arch. Also laid out seat cushions or picnic blankets are a welcome change, if your guests want to relax briefly. Wedding photos in the forest make your big day unforgettable. A photo shoot in the forest should always be included in the planning.


A photo shooting in the forest for lasting memories

At your wood wedding, many of the guests will certainly take beautiful photos. For a lasting and long-lasting memory, however, you should resort to professionally working wedding photographers who know exactly how to set the scene for you at a photo shoot in the forest. If you want to be reminded of your wedding in the forest even many years later, then you should not do without it.


The exit at the end of the wedding ceremony

After you have exchanged vows and rings, you should also celebrate the ritual of the exit. A ritual that fits perfectly with getting married in the forest. This always works best with a not so large wedding party. It would be nice if your guests form a trellis, through which you as the bride and groom then move out first through the central aisle. Allowed is what you like and you can therefore also incorporate other rituals in your forest wedding. But do not forget to capture these moments on your wedding photos in the forest. So that no important moment is lost to you and you can always remember it.

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